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Yeah write #181 weekly writing challenge editors’ picks: non-fiction

I Remember Black Coffee by J Edward Benoit

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J Edward Benoit’s “I Remember Black Coffee” captures one of those brief, but palpable milestones in coming of age. It’s not just the passing of the torch—or, in this case, a semi-apocryphal family story down the generations that makes this post my pick. It’s that the greater story plays out against a background of magnified tiny details, the sort of thing that memories hinge on. Like the title, it’s bitter and sweet.
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Heady Cheese by Kinley Dane

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“Heady Cheese” is not only hilarious in its absurdity, but is subtly crafted with an engaging, conversational tone and playful word choice. The phrase “meat jelly” triggers food nightmares, and the image of Kinley psyching herself up to “eat brains” was hilariously horrific. The oddities compound themselves: a total stranger insisting Kinley try the cheese, and calling her babe while eating leftovers from her hand. It’s a well-done characterization in few words.
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Yeah write #181 weekly writing challenge editors’ pick: micro-stories challenge

After the Bar by J Edward Benoit

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J Edward did everything right in this gargleblaster. His language is gritty and gorgeous. His personification of Thursday doesn’t feel stilted or forced. And his clever wordplay does not detract from the noir feel. He both sets a mood and gives us a story, which is extremely difficult to do in 42 words. 
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After the Bar

I stumbled over Thursday, in the gutter, bleeding out its final minutes. I offered it a smoke. “Time’s almost up,” I said. “Spare a quarter?” it asked me. I checked my watch. “Sorry, friend. By my count you’ve only got ten minutes.”


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Challenge grid final results: non-fiction

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Challenge grid final results: micro-stories

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