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So you’re a writer. Now what? How do you move beyond writing for yourself and into the world of critique, editing, and feedback? How do you find a community that supports your creativity while helping you develop your skill and technique?

YeahWrite began in 2011 as an online community of writers who blog and bloggers who write. Our founder noticed that while there were plenty of places to link up your online writing, and plenty of places to submit writing in hopes of publication or a competition win, there weren’t a lot of communities that combined the two. So she set out to create a space where writers could work on their craft and still have a friendly competition every week that was more than a popularity contest. It’s part workshop, part competition, and all focused on getting from where you are to where you want to be as a writer.

Since then, we’ve held more than 300 consecutive weeks of writing challenges, and we’re still going strong. We’ve been host to thousands of writers from around the world, all united under one common goal: to read and contribute quality writing. For a quick guide to getting started on our weekly challenge grids, hop on over to this link.

We strive to create a community of writers dedicated to their craft and their words. We value inclusivity, and we respect the diversity and dignity of our audience. If you want to read and be read, to grow as a writer, and to participate in a dynamic community, you’re in the right place. We’re glad you’re here.

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Join the YeahWrite Coffeehouse, a place for participants of the YeahWrite Weekly Writing Challenges to share inspiration, ask questions, and build a supportive community. The YeahWrite editors will also use this forum to post special announcements such as contests, writing features, and successes in our community. Request to join today!

YeahWrite is more than a writing community. For me, it has become the cheerleader in my life, the shoulder to cry on when I need to get something off my chest, and the little writing family that was missing from my life. It’s one thing to word vomit how I feel all over the page and quite another to improve my writing skills in order to convey important messages in the big wide world of blogging. This is what YeahWrite does. The Super Challenge is an extension of the fantastic work which is already achieved here. It has allowed me to ramp my creativity up a gear, not only because of the competitiveness, but also because of the refreshing prompts, strict deadlines, and phenomenal feedback given by the exceptionally talented editors at YeahWrite.

Donna-Louise Bishop

All writers looking to sharpen writing skills, get constructive feedback and grow in their craft must come to YeahWrite. Why? Here, you get the best, undiluted and no-nonsense approach to writing that you’ve always dreamed of. It’s been a little over a year since I started writing for YeahWrite and with each week, I find myself working harder on my work, tuning it to the demands of a good brief and churning out the best I can. These editors are the best people to have in your corner. Trust me.

Shailaja V

I had been a lurker on YeahWrite for a while when the Fiction Super Challenge was announced. I have participated in other flash fiction competitions, but the YeahWrite Super Challenge had a whole different feel. It felt personal. The prompts stretched my writing muscles by pushing me into writing in new genres (horror/western!) and included visual prompts, which I found a real challenge. The feedback was honest and clear, and I felt like my stories had been considered carefully. I was thrilled to participate in all three rounds of the Super Challenge and, as a result, I have been inspired to start a fiction blog. Thank you, YeahWrite. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Trish Tuthill

Each week, I know that I will find some of the best writing on YeahWrite. Because of this, I have become a better writer. I have learned from them. I have been inspired by them. I have been challenged and most importantly, I have gained courage from them. Winning a coveted YeahWrite Editor’s Pick encouraged me to submit and publish my work in literary magazines and newspapers. YeahWrite is my muse.

Bill Dameron

I entered the first YeahWrite Super Challenge because I wanted to gain experience and get feedback on my writing. What I wasn’t expecting to get was confidence to submit my work to other places and lasting friendships with my peers. The editors at YeahWrite do a fantastic job at creating an environment for writers to flourish creatively, whether it’s the Weekly or Super Challenges, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Danielle Dayney

I was 36 when the urge to write struck hard and fast. An MFA was out of the question because I already had three degrees, two children, and a mortgage. Still, I knew I needed a community for support, accountability, fellowship, and friendly competition. Lucky for me, YeahWrite was there, week after week, offering everything I needed to cobble together my nascent writing life. It was, by turns, a nest, a perch, a home, a launching pad, a rec room, and a raucous dance party complete with disco balls and glow sticks. If you’re looking for a writing home, YeahWrite is like the house with great snacks and fizzy sodas. Don’t miss the chance to sit on its couches and pin your writing to its walls.

Christie Tate

Why do I love YeahWrite? I could say a lot of fancy things about craft and competition, but the truth is pretty simple. YeahWrite gives me a chance to play. It’s a dedicated space to challenge myself and my wordy ways, a space to stretch my legs and try on things I’ve never done before. Beyond that, I get to read some really great writing from folks I don’t know if I’d meet otherwise. Play, read, write, post, rinse, repeat. This is among my favorite things I do with other writers that doesn’t take a whole lot of time or commitment. Give it a shot. Get some feedback. Write the thing.

Shannon Barber