The invitational grid is open!

Thanks to everyone hanging out with us this week, we hit 30 on the challenge grid. Now we have the privilege of selecting editor picks while the rest of the Internet is handling the popular vote. If your entry not only met our submission guidelines but improved upon them, we’ll likely welcome you to the invitational. If you happen to see a little blue button that says “add your link,” that’s not for you. Please scroll down the page to the challenge grid so you can vote for the five entries you’ve scored the highest by technical and artistic merit.

Congratulations to the editor picks.

Challenge grid voting

The challenge grid crowd favorite and top row five winners will be determined by popular vote.

Everybody gets five votes

Click on the thumbnail to read the post before voting. Click on the voting icon to vote for the post after reading. Do not vote for your own post, please.

Read the posts before voting

We are responsible voters here at yeah write. Read, evaluate, vote on merit. We’re still writing the yeah write way, and we want the votes to reflect it.

Voting is open until Thursday, 10:00 p.m. EDT

  • If it’s after 10:00 p.m. EDT [-4 GMT] on Thursday when you’re trying to vote, voting is closed. There will be no more voting icons on the thumbnail and voting will not work.
  • Once you’ve voted for your five favorite posts, you’re done voting. The voting icons will disappear.
  • Voting for your own post should be disabled. If it’s not, please don’t vote for your own post.
  • Once you’ve voted for the five best on the grid, you are then free to campaign for votes for your favorite entries.
  • If you’d like to see the current vote tallies after you’ve voted, refresh the page.
  • If you ask your people to vote for your entry, please let them know they have five votes, and they should vote for yours only if it’s one of those five best on the grid. Campaigning for your own targeted votes is highly discouraged.
  • Yeah write and the Inlinkz app allow only one round of five votes per IP address. When campaigning for votes for your favorites, please ask outside voters to read this section before voting. It will lessen their confusion and curb their clicking enthusiasm.

Winners’ post published Friday by noon EDT

Once the voting ends, the challenge grid will sort itself from highest number of votes to the fewest. Ties are broken by number of page views. Until the winners’ post is published, none of the sorting will be official, but you can still get a good idea of where everyone ended up until the votes are validated.

Refreshing the page, watching the votes go up or down?

When the votes go down, that’s a yeah write editor eliminating targeted or duplicate votes from enthusiastic BFFs and people accidentally voting for their own posts. The vote tallies show only from the same IP address you voted from the first time, so if you leave home and get to the gym and, oops, now can’t see who’s in the lead, please wait until you get back home. Your voting again to reveal the new tallies just makes much more work for our editors who, in exasperation, may delete first and ask no questions later. One voting round per IP address, one voting round per person. Thanks.

BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo at yeah write starts Nov. 1

If you’re planning on joining us, please add your blog to the special yeah write grid set up specifically for experiencing this blogging challenge along with your family and friends here in the yeah write community. There will be perk packages and camraderie and an all-around good time. See you crazy kids on Friday for the Day 1 post.

Yeah write #133 voting is open…