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Congratulations, Gwen S of Little Growing Pains, the yeah write NaBloPoMo muy grande perk package winner!

On December 1, after verifying each of the bloggers on the yeah write NaBloPoMo challenge grid (thanks so much for your help, Sam Merel) and validating published post dates and comment time stamps, we put 49 bloggers into the hat at random.org and drew Gwen S. What Gwen will receive for all her hard work:

  • Stephen King’s On Writing
  • Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird
  • The 2013 Best American Essays
  • The 2013 Best American Short Stories
  • The 2013 Best American Non-Required Reading
  • The inspirational The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander
  • A basket of Gwen’s favorite non-perishable goodies from Trader Joe’s

Gwen, to claim your perk package, please email Erica M with your mailing address, and you’ll get all the details, including how to select your Trader Joe goodies for your basket from yeah write editor Stacie D. Congratulations!

We hope y’all enjoyed your time at yeah write

We encourage you to keep up the blogging relationships and the writing habits you may have developed while you were here for the month of November. If you’re feeling like you could use a super cool button badge for your sidebar to mark the time you spent with us, grab it from the sidebar. It’s near the top with the bright green check mark.

Save the date for our next big event!  

Our summer should kick off nicely in May 2014 with our writing series on how to become a better writer for online audiences.

Thanks for being part of our humble community, the best place on the Web for writers who blog and bloggers who write.

Yeah write #138 challenge grid opens Tuesday…