While driving around the hills of central Texas, I try to listen to things that make my mind feel shored-up rather than soupy. Spanish podcasts, news in Spanish, sometimes Spanish pop stations until the brain-soup effect sets in with the repetition of certain words: amor, corazón, mi alma.

When I’m lazy, I fall back on my mother tongue, so the other day I heard, via the New Yorker fiction podcast, David Sedaris read the short story “Roy Spivey” by Miranda July. He said he first read it when it came out in the magazine: “I sat down to read the story and I felt like I was a different person when I finished reading the story.”

I suddenly remembered closing a book or looking up after the final sentence to find that everything is different; it hasn’t happened in a while, so I had forgotten that it can.

Writing requires so much looking within and scraping out the soul that it’s easy to keep looking in that direction, to forget what effect we want to have on our readers. Please re-read your fabulous not-linked-up-anywhere-else yeah write post for this week and imagine how a stranger will feel and think after finishing it. Will she say, “Wow” or “That’s exactly how it is” or “I can’t stop crying/smiling/laughing” or “That was pretty good except I felt distracted by the typos and misplaced punctuation” or “So what”?  Turn yourself inside out and read your piece again with a stranger’s eye. Do the same thing with your fiction or poetry for the speakeasy grid. We can’t wait to be shored-up and, possibly, changed by your personal essay or skillfully told anecdote.

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