Submitted a piece to BlogHer’s 2013 Voices of the Year?

A couple of the yeah write editors has submitted a piece or two to BlogHer’s Voice of the Year and so have many of our yeah write subscribers.

What’s the best way to promote those of us who figured either “why not?” or “I have a voice!” or “what is this thing, anyway?”

The best way yeah write knows how: by building a grid and promoting the bloggers on it.

Promotional grid for BlogHer’s VOTY submissions for yeah write subscribers is open until May 15

If you are a current yeah write subscriber, feel free to add the direct link to your BlogHer VOTY submission page to the grid below. Don’t link to your blog. How can we vote for you way over there on your blog? Grab your direct link from the BlogHer VOTY page and add it to the Inlinkz app. Did you go all crazy and, like, submit 15 of your posts? Choose the best ones for the yeah write VOTY grid. We’ll find all your others. We’re just as nutty as you are, don’t worry.

Not a current yeah write subscriber, and you’d like to join in?

Use this link to subscribe to yeah write, but only if you’re feeling the good vibes, and you think you may stick around awhile. If you subscribe just for this promotion, then unsubscribe right after it’s over and, consequently, mess up our 4-star list rating over at Mail Chimp, bad things will happen to you. Sixty years from now when you fall and break your hip, you will know exactly why. If you’re not in the mood for yet another cheerful, weekly blog announcement from the most awesome people ever, sit this one out. 

Can’t remember if you’re a subscriber or not?

Enter your primary email or whichever email address you would have used to subscribe in the subscription form. Mail Chimp will either let you know it’s a duplicate (and offer to let you update your profile) or it will register you as a new subscriber if it doesn’t recognize the address.

Not a current subscriber, not gonna subscribe, and you’re gonna add your VOTY link anyway?

Great! It’ll be removed before the day is out. Play nice.

We’ll take Mondays, you guys take the rest of the week

At yeah write, we have today and the next four Mondays open for promoting the VOTY grid. Everyone else on the grid can take the other days of the week, right? Tweet your faves, share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, all that. Just because we’re a relatively small corner of the web doesn’t mean we can’t be loud.

Don’t forget to vote for those on the grid!

Click through the grid and vote for your yeah write family. You must log into your BlogHer account or register for one before you can vote. It won’t take long, and it’s for a worthwhile cause. Each other.


Feel free to ask away in comments. Yes, just one submission on the grid even if you submitted to VOTY in multiple categories. Choose your best one. No, yeah write is not in any way affiliated with BlogHer or its numerous projects. This is just our way of supporting the community that supports yeah write.

The yeah write subscribers’ grid for BlogHer’s 2013 VOTY is open. Spread the word…