It’s the weekend, so the moonshine grid is open

I dunno about you, but after this week, I could use a strong drink and a hearty laugh. This is the non-competitive, yet equally awesome portion of the yeah write weekly writing challenge. No judging, no voting. Just hanging out, drinking illegal liquor or sweet iced tea with a few close friends and new faces.  It’s the best kind of get-together – the kind where everyone welcomes the whatever you bring to the party. 

Nearly whatever

We ask only that you refrain from adding any commercial or commercially sponsored posts — no blog-o-marketing allowed!  However, if you have a promo going on in your space—even something designed to give yeah write a run for its money—feel free to share it with our readers. We are nothing if not supportive of other people’s madness. Use this chance to show the yeah write community the other side  of your blog—your top 10 lists, your stream-of-consciousness posts, that hilarious text message exchange with your brother. Do what you want.

Moonshine grid closes Sunday night at 11:59 US eastern

Spread the word, tell your friends. Grab your badge. You will need the exact code from the badge or you will get an error message from the Inlinkz app. 

BlogHer? I hardly knew her!

We’ve set up a special promotional grid for our yeah write subscribers who would like a little extra promo for their VOTY posts. Add the direct link from your BlogHer entry to the special grid and we’ll help you get a few votes. Our way of supporting the community that supports yeah write.

Moonshine #105 is open…