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I joined yeah write in spring 2014 and one of the reasons I kept coming back was the encouraging comments I received on my blog. Sure, I looked forward to the like’s on my post, but the comments let me know that fellow writers were actually reading. If you’ve ever posted to your blog and heard not a peep, you know what I mean. “Zero comments” is a lonely place on the Internets.

If you’re on the nonfiction grid this week (and I do hope you are!), please be sure to comment on your gridmates’ posts. I know it is sometimes difficult to come up with a thoughtful comment, but you’re a writer—you can do this! Take the opportunity to praise what works and ask for clarity when you don’t understand a sentence or concept. Pointing out the essay’s rough edges in a kind way is a great service we can offer each other. At the very least, if someone comments on your post, return the favor.  High fives all around, my friends. (Note: If you use Blogger and I didn’t leave a comment, it’s because Blogger hates me. Seriously. I can’t leave a comment to save my life.)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Nonfiction theme of the month: dialogue

What are we talking about? Rowan gives us the skinny on how to write dialogue with authenticity and authority. Use it in your essay for this week’s challenge or practice it in your daily posts for yeah write’s NoMo celebration (see below). Either way, be sure to read Rowan’s tips. She knows what she’s talking about.

This week’s ultimate question:

Where is your heart?

This optional prompt, which also serves as the ultimate question for the microstory challenge opening Wednesday, is here to serve as your inspiration for your nonfiction submission. Already have your own story thought up? No problem! The prompt is only there if you need it.

NoMo excuses at yeah write

Did you hear? Yeah write is daring each and every one of you to write a post a day throughout the month of November. NoMo excuses! If you can keep up the momentum, you might just win a real life prize. Think you’re up for the challenge? Check out the guidelines (including new relaxed rules just for this month). Prizes, people. There are prizes.

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If you’ve never taken the time to read them, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines. The rules are a little different for each of our challenges and we’d hate to have to send back great writing on a technicality.

Did you happen to end up here because you suddenly saw yeah write in your stats? Sometimes members of our community spot excellent writing and they send those posts on over to us. We hope you don’t mind. Take a look around and get to know our community. We’re sure you’ll be happy here.

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Submit to the yeah write #239 nonfiction challenge

The yeah write #239 weekly writing challenge is now open for nonfiction: personal essays, creative opinion, mostly true stories based on actual events. You can check out the submission guidelines and join us with your essay using the link below.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]