Day 2 in review

We grew a little more slowly on Day 2 than Day 1, adding eight blogs to the original 42. And that’s okay. I spent the day figuring out how to make this project work the yeah write way. How can we combine the writing every day aspect of NaBlo with the comment and read every blog on the grid aspect of yeah write? Here’s how:

Meet your rowmies

Shannon from gifted us with that term for the bloggers sharing your row on the grid. Each day, please make sure you visit and comment at least on your rowmies’ blogs. Even if the grid grows with additional submissions until it closes on Nov. 5, your row will never change. 

Visit your columnites

Ha. I don’t know if columnites flows as easy as the word rowmies, but let’s roll with it. 

If you have extra time throughout each week, include the blogs in your grid column for visits and comments. Read upstream and down, and watch out for new blogs being added to your column until Nov. 5.

Here are your groups for the rest of the month

[one_fifth]Row 1 

  • Christina
  • Gina
  • Jen H
  • Cynthia K
  • Angela


[one_fifth] Row 2

  • Dana
  • Azara
  • Kianwi
  • Kristin W
  • Christie


[one_fifth] Row 3

  • Brett
  • Jamie M
  • Michele
  • Tomekha
  • Kathleen


[one_fifth] Row 4

  • Cat
  • Kiki
  • Arnebya
  • Lindsey R
  • Amber


[one_fifth_last] Row 5

  • Jules
  • Joe
  • CSB
  • Aubrey
  • Courtenay


[one_fifth] Row 6

  • Jack
  • KeAnne
  • Kendra
  • Sam
  • Michelle


[one_fifth] Row 7

  • Larks
  • Louise
  • Miranda
  • Cecily
  • Erica M


[one_fifth]Row 8

  • Jen J
  • Vanessa
  • Rachel
  • Stacie
  • Lia


[one_fifth] Row 9

  • Miz Yank
  • Dawn
  • Shannon F
  • Kate H
  • Peach


[one_fifth_last] Row 10

  • Jennifer
  • Melisa
  • Cynthia M
  • Naila
  • Gem


[one_fifth]Row 11

  • Ginny Marie
  • Lisa
  • Bee
  • Robbie
  • Deb


[one_fifth_last] Row 12

  • Trina
  • Amy
  • Julia
  • RCM
  • Dilovely


First time here? Welcome!

If you need an orientation, please feel to visit this brief overview of yeah write and this post introducing NaBloPoMo to the yeah write crew. Then add your blog to the grid below following the instructions of the Inlinkz app and we’ll come love on your blog. Thanks for joining us.

If this is your 1,000th time here, please be kind to the virgins and make them feel at home. You know how we do it.

One prize given away each week!

Grid sponsor W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. has generously provided four copies of the book Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little. Each week, I’ll check all the blogs on the grid for those who have written a post every day during that week. Then I’ll randomly select among those blogs the winner of Microstyle. For Week 1, the drawing will be held on November 8 after I’ve identified the blogs with posts from Nov 1-Nov 7. Good luck!

Day Three out of thirty. Add your blog below.