Day 28 NaBloPoMo at yeah write guest blogger: Rosanna R 

This is my first time to join NaBloPoMo, and I must say it was quite a memorable month of blogging. It is also the third blogging challenge I hurdled this year and, as it is with most things, it does become easier with practice. It was no longer stressful to sit down and think of something to blog about.

I almost quit half-way through the challenge because of the super typhoon that hit our country. I’m glad I didn’t, because the chore of blogging daily helped keep me grounded especially during the evenings when I worked on my blog posts. I wrote my blog post calmly the day prior to Typhoon Haiyan’s land fall. I wrote about the impending arrival of disaster, and scheduled a re-blog for the following day. Power outages are to be expected during typhoons, besides that, I had no idea what state we would be in once the typhoon made land fall.

Meteorologists warned that Haiyan may not spare Metro Manila, where I live. NASA said a strong wall of the typhoon’s side may hit the metropolis, but fortunately after making five land falls, Haiyan swerved and only part of its tail hit areas near the metropolis.

There are many places in Philippines – which is composed of 7,100 islands – that have been spared from ravaging typhoons. Those of us living in the Philippines’ national capital region have memories of the horrific devastation that rampaging flood waters and strong gusty winds can bring. We know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a typhoon’s wrath. We know the pain, and the sight of people being carried away by rampaging waters are etched in our minds.

So when another area is hit, we move quickly to help. I did what I could do considering my circumstances, and it was emotionally draining. I wanted to quit NaBloPoMo a few days after the typhoon left.

Early this month, Erica sent us an email about breaking up into groups, and visiting the blogs of our “rowmies.” Her email ended with the statement, “Plus, the one day during NaBloPoMo you’re sure you can’t write another word will be the day one of your rowmies stops by with the perfect pick-me-up. It’s so worth it, trust me.” I remember frowning a bit after reading that.

I was able to visit the blogs of my rowmies for a few days, and then the storm hit on November 8. Although we were all relieved because we were spared, I was very troubled and felt so sad for the people of an island that is very close to my heart. I just wanted to blog about the typhoon and then quit the challenge.

But Erica was right. One comment from a rowmie kept me thinking, and then it kept me going. Nancy, who blogs at Chef’s Last Diet, commented on my blog post two days after the storm: “This is heartbreaking, I am glad to hear you are OK, and I’m sure OK is pretty relative… I am blown away that you continue to write and post. You must have tremendous strength.”

The words, “You must have tremendous strength” echoed in my mind, and challenged me when I so wanted to quit. I reflected on her comment and was so embarrassed because I was being such a ninny.

Nancy’s comment and those from other yeah write bloggers, all expressing concern and compassion were very touching and left me with a deeper appreciation of what commenting on others people’s blogs can do.

In several blog posts, I’ve thanked many people and sectors for all the help they gave and continue to give to our country. Now I want to thank my rowmie, and the other bloggers, whose comments kept me going. Maraming salamat po (thank you very much).