Guess I’ve figured out if I’m gonna host this thing daily, I gotta have a post up first thing in the morning. That’s the only way the grid can be ready for any newcomers or passers-by. Meaning this is probably my fourth yeah write blog post written in one 24-hour period and I’m in danger of early burnout. Already.

This won’t be long. If you’re joining the yeah write crew for this month’s NaBloPoMo sponsored by BlogHer, please grab the NaBlo badge over there in the sidebar after you’ve signed up on the BlogHer site. If you need the whys and what-fors, read yesterday’s post about it. Then write and/or publish your post for the day and add your general blog URL to the Inlinkz app so we can all come ’round to ooh and ahh over what you’ve written. I hope it’s good. Don’t make me fake my oohs and ahhs.

Happy Day One out of thirty. Add your blog below.