Greetings, Earthlings!

Guess what? Today is my birthday! I’m officially *mumblety-blarg* years old. And to celebrate, I’m giving all of you a gift: instead of three votes this week, you get SEVEN! Yes, you read that right: each of you gets seven votes.

Now, don’t let all of these votes go to your head. We still want you to read all the entries and vote only for the very best. Things to think about when reading: does the piece tell a story? Does it reveal something new and interesting? Does it take advantage of the beauty inherent in the English language? Since I didn’t make the grid myself this week, I’m going to revel in all of your words. I can’t wait to see who wins.

Voting the yeah write way

It never hurts to go over the voting rules. Please take note:

  • The gargleblaster is not a click-fest or a popularity contest. We want you to vote based on the merits of the submissions. For this week only, each visitor gets 7 votes, and none may vote for his or her own submission. Read them all, then vote. Gargleblasters are short and go down easy – it shouldn’t take that long.
  • We encourage you to invite your friends, families and fans to visit and vote. If you ask your people to vote for your entry, please let them know they have SEVEN votes, and they should vote for yours only if it’s one of the best on the grid. Campaigning for your own targeted votes is highly discouraged.
  • Yeah write and the InLinkz app allow only one set of votes per IP address. Again: one person, one set of votes. Sure, there are ways to get around this restriction, but that’s cheating, and the editors will more than likely notice. Besides, do you really want to win that way? We didn’t think so!
  • The editors do monitor the voting to keep things fair. If we notice targeted voting, self-voting, or other rules-flouting, we will remove votes.

Voting is open until Tuesday, 10:00 PM Eastern

Scroll down to view the grid. While voting is open, you’ll see voting icons on each thumbnail. If you don’t see the icons, voting is closed. You may vote for SEVEN favorites by clicking the voting icon. Once you’ve voted, the icon will disappear. You’re done, and you can spend the rest of your time campaigning for your favorites! And hey, don’t forget the hitchhikers – you can’t vote for them, but swing by and show them some love.

Winners will be posted on Wednesday by 12:00 PM Eastern

You’re all winners in our book just for participating, but the crowd favorite walks away with the coveted gargleblaster winner’s badge.

Looking for more writing fun?

The challenge grid and the speakeasy both open on Tuesday. Read the rules and see if one of these might tickle your fancy. If you’re looking for something more low-key, stick around for the weekend moonshine grid and post whatever you like over there (as long as it’s commercial-free). Don’t forget that the challenge grid and the speakeasy, like the gargleblaster, are also family-free for the next three weeks. The moonshine grid is fair game for your family-related stories.

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