It’s the winners’ post at yeah write weekly writing challenge

Congratulations to all our winners this week, including our readers and voters whose patience was rewarded with an excellent selection of non-fiction and micro-stories. The winners’ post is returning to its 2011-2012ish format: sorting the submissions grid from most votes to fewest, showing all vote tallies once voting ends and, the most fun part, our editorial staff will highlight the group favorites with small blurbs written about them.

Fall season writing contest coming October 19

To celebrate our fourth fall season and the return of our fiction|poetry challenge to yeah write, we will be hosting a four-week writing challenge on each grid: non-fiction, fiction|poetry and microfiction. The winners of the challenge can win $100 cash. If you invite a friend to the challenge and your friend wins instead of you? You each get the $100 cash: your friend for winning and you for referring the winner to yeah write. At this writing, there will be one winner across all three challenges, and you can enter all three throughout the four-week period. What I would do, though, is concentrate on entering 2-4 really solid pieces during that time (as opposed to 12) and bringing in as many writer friends as possible. Either you will win outright, earning the winner’s 100 bucks or one of your referrals will win, earning you 100 bucks.

Right now, we have $200 in prizes, but hopefully by the time the contest kicks off, we’ll have more to award the best writers on each grid. If the winner arrives at yeah write without a referral (or has been around so long, we are the referrer), we’ll keep that money for another writing contest. Spread the word. More details and explanations coming by yeah write #180, including news of loosening up someone else’s wallet. Spirits are generous around good writing.

Yeah write #179 weekly writing challenge editors’ picks: non-fiction challenge

Sisyphus by Cyn K at That Cynking Feeling

Michelle Longo non-fiction challenge editor

Michelle Longo, non-fiction challenge editor

Cyn’s piece tells a cohesive story without requiring the reader to know the history of this family. Although this is the story of a child with autism, it’s a story any parent can relate to—one of picking battles, second-guessing decisions and worrying about the future repercussions of those decisions. It doesn’t present the reader with a neat ending: the narrator is still unsure, but chooses to continue with the task at hand, even if that task seems endless.

It’s Not About Chivalry by Soapie at Searching for Substance

Christine Hanolsy contributing editor

Christine Hanolsy
managing editor

Soapie’s piece is a terrific example of stumbling across the extraordinary in the ordinary. She writes about the kind of brief encounter—twenty words exchanged—that helps anchor us in our own personal context. She uses just enough detail to show us the physical awkwardness of the situation before turning inward, to her own ephiphany. It’s beautifully structured, and I loved it.


Yeah write #179 weekly writing challenge editors’ picks: micro-stories challenge

war lyrics by theinnerzone at a beetle with earrings

This beautiful little poem describes the cycle of guilt when one has survived and others have not. Her words are exquisitely chosen, her language lush, and when I read the last line I realized I was actually holding my breath. Pasting it here so you can read it. I really think it’s gorgeous.—Christine

My lover’s desperate eyes follow –
when rocking on my chair,
I get attached to war lyrics,
painting a window on the surface
of songs. I walk
in margins, my wounded
soul apologizes to everyone
I knew who died,
so I can breathe.

Congratulations to this week’s winners! Thanks to our editorial staff who worked nearly around the clock to make sure this relaunch, reboot, redesign went as well as it could for our community. And to our readers and lurkers and financial supporters: so many of you are making sure yeah write will be around for as long as possible, and we are incredibly grateful for the support.

Before you go, please take some time to leave your favorites a little love in the comments.

Challenge grid final results: non-fiction

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Challenge grid final results: micro-stories

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