Are you voting this week?

This will be a great time to try out the yeah write vote-o-rama tracker with only 16 blogs on the grid this week. Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Super Storm Sandy knocked out power to millions and for several in our blogging community. We are very glad everyone is safe and accounted for, and we are glad for those who were able to submit in the middle of chaos.

Email Erica M with your vote trackers by 8 p.m. US eastern tonight. 

$100 Amazon gift card challenge postponed

This was to be the final week of the yeah write $100 Amazon gift card challenge. With this week’s results, we would have added up everyone’s cumulative points from the past four weeks and declared the holder of the highest point total our winner. But we gotta postpone because of Sandy. We were missing an editor (not literally, thank goodness. Kristin turned up at a New Jersey Starbucks right as I was scanning news reports for her name in full blown panic—I like to panic) and the challenge wouldn’t have been fairly scored without her. Next week will be the ultimate showdown. Thanks for understanding.

Hey, y’all wanna do NaBloPoMo with us?

The details are here in this post: we thought it would be fun (and a little insane) to blog together for 30 days during the month of November. If it’s still November 1 as you are reading this, you are right on time. Let’s do it.

Winners’ post for yeah write #81 published at midnight.