For those of you who were here with us the entire summer: are you ready for some football?

Oh, wait. Wrong tagline. Right sentiment.

For those of you returning after a summer hiatus: how dare you put family and vacations and various projects ahead of yeah write? This should be the most important thing to you ever, Saint-Tropez included. Is Saint-Tropez still a thing for rich people? I wouldn’t know.

And for those of you stopping by for the very first time: welcome, welcome! Feel free to jump right into the fray by reading the FAQ if you haven’t already and by checking out the blogger’s guide to writing a yeah write post. I promise no one will bite but me.

Quick review of the yeah write summer writer’s series

We covered a lot of ground while many of you were busy doing other things:



Visit those posts when you get the chance, maybe sometime before your Saint-Tropez glow wears off and you’re back to your usual grumpy writer’s self. 

No more hidden badges

Finding the badges you’ll need for your yeah write submission is easier than ever: look over in the sidebar toward the middle of the page. Look down a little. You just found them. Grab the code for the grid you’re joining and paste that code into the HTML view of the post you’re submitting this week. Save and/or publish your post. You post should be badged and ready to link to either grid. Whew.

The hangout grid is now the speakeasy

The yeah write #71 challenge grid is open with two major changes since June: the submissions are now being moderated, so hang tough while you wait for your post to appear on the grid. Secondly, you can now submit to both the challenge grid and the hangout grid (now called the speakeasy, over at Flood G’s place). Be kind to your servers and tip them well. Then we’ll see you back over here in time to read and vote for your favorites.

¿Una $100 Amazon gift card por me? ¡No, por tú!

Don’t forget: when we get back to full speed at 50 published submissions on the challenge grid, we will kick off a four-week, cumulative point writing challenge to earn one participating blogger a $100 Amazon gift card donated by one of our yeah write supporters. If you know of any writers who blog or bloggers who write, ask them to subscribe to our weekly email blast. How quickly we get back to 50 solid entries and start the challenge is totally up to you. You know what else is awesome? Writing a little invitation blurb at the end of your posts each week. Or writing posts like this one. Or this one. Show your readers our cuddly side.

Tell the truth: each week, the yeah write editors pick their favorites from an empty shot glass

What is this thing of which you speak: an empty shot glass? No such concept around these parts.

Would it help before you start writing for yeah write #71 if you knew the judging criteria? Download this spreadsheet. It contains everything we are looking for as challenge judges and everything your fellow readers and voters should be expecting from your entry. 

1,000 word limit, good people

Use the provided prompts or don’t. Rhyme or don’t rhyme. Illustrate your story or use your words. Either way, it’s a 1,000 word limit, no grace, hard count. I think Bill Withers wrote a song about it and everything.

Have a wonderful yeah write week on the grid. Any questions or concerns or technical issues, leave them in comments and an editor will answer you.

[header_box_1 title=”yeah write #71 optional writing prompts”]


  • Do not mention anywhere in your post, either as intro or footnote, that you are writing to a prompt.
  • We want the story the furthest away in your imagination from the original prompt. Let your imagination loose.
  • Keep your writing style! Do you tell stories with humor? Prose? Verse? Photos? Illustrations? Keep doing that. 


word prompt


photo prompt


color prompt