It’s day nine of the yeah write community following ProBlogger’s 31 days to build a better blog. We’re powering through each day of July including weekends, and the summer series is running alongside our weekly writing challenges. In the past week, we have:

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Today’s topic and activity is to write a link post.

Why write a link post? Wow, they seem more trouble than they are worth

Things that are more trouble than they are worth:

  • drinking too much
  • handmade pasta
  • trying to please everybody

Things that are worth the trouble: creating link posts designed to:

Promote your post that’s promoting others 

Blogs are no longer the only self-publishing players in social media. There was a time when you could create a link post bringing all the boys to the yard. Before Facebook, before Twitter, before Pinterest, Tumblr all that, one simple link would catch the attention of people who searched for mentions of themselves in search engines or on Technorati. Those days are long gone, and now, in addition to the work it takes to create the link post adding all those links one by one, now you gotta let people know about your post. Promote the post that’s promoting others. It’s work, and a lot of it. But, done correctly, genuinely and in moderation, you will be rewarded with a faithful, grateful readership.

Now let’s try it for real: write a link post on your blog, then let others know about it

You can do it. Are you going to tell us a story of the day you got your first blog comment then link to the blog of that first commenter? How about that time you threw up in the back of your grandfather’s Buick after eating way too much ice cream? Surely that will lead you down memory lane to all the cars your grandparents owned and you’ll link to archived articles about each one so your readers can follow along. Of course, there’s the time-honored blogger tradition of linking to other bloggers. Handing out awards. Creating a best of yeah write grid. When done sincerely, you’ll attract genuine interest in nearly anything else you have going on in your space. 

You can add your link post the the 31dbbb grid below and, if the post has a so what, feel free to add it to this week’s yeah write #117 challenge grid as well.