Welcome, oh ye virgins

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We hit the magic number!

Reaching the minimum of 40 entries on the challenge grid means we unlocked Jacqueline Bryant Campbell’s generous gift. Thanks to everyone who encouraged friends to enter yeah write #105.

Random.org chose the grid number of a participant who was on both the speakeasy and challenge grids this week. Congratulations to Danielle of The Life and Times of a Mom.

Danielle, email us to receive your $60 gift certificate to Jacq’s Playhouse. Use it toward any doll or custom design in her studio. You can even send Jacq a favorite t-shirt or fabric and she’ll work her magic and dress your new treasure with it. Thanks, Jacq, for a delightful prize that we are proud to give away.

Speaking of magic numbers, hitting 30 on the challenge grid opened the last of our dollar-per-entry gift card prizes. The invitational grid jury prize winner and challnge grid crowd favorite have each earned a $41 gift card to their preferred online shop in the U.S. or Canada. Let’s learn who won.

Jury prize winner—invitational grid

The Brother in the Middle. #Imsorry, by Alisa of Ice Scream Mama

This post is a stark look at the aftermath of divorce and remarriage, when children – struggling to right themselves from the wreck of their upended lives with previously married parents – are expected to blend seamlessly into a new family, easily creating fresh sibling bonds. Instead, left to fend for themselves, the wolf pack of step-relations forms itself into a hierarchy of alphas and omegas.

In this poignant and painful love letter, the author’s brother – the former “wild boy” whose freckles “danced happily across his face” – abruptly became the one lost in middle. Suddenly, the “two step-brothers who sandwiched him on both ends . . . tossed him out, instead of taking him in.” But the author refuses to assign blame. “They were so young. We all were.”

As her brother loses his spark, Alisa moves from lyrical narrative paragraphs to simple single sentences that plainly display the truth of his situation. He loses his smile, unsafe in a house that isn’t a home, in a neighborhood that never became a community. Our wild boy is no longer carefree, and the author’s regret is palpable.

Alisa, email us for your $41 dollar gift card to the online shop of your choice and don’t forget to dress up your post with your winner’s badge, found in the sidebar.

Editor’s Picks

Seven entries made it to the invitational grid as editors’ favourites. Congratulations! Please grab your editor’s pick badge from the sidebar and add it to your writer’s showcase. Thanks for bringing us the best of the grid this week. 


Crowd favourite

Michelle Longo of The Journey takes Crowd Favorite this week on a nearly full grid of 41 quality entries. Her post “I Will Carry You” is a single scene that captures the conflicting feelings of a teenage Michelle helping her suddenly incapacitated mother navigate a beloved flea market. Michelle’s authenticity in her teen voice is spot-on, as is the range of emotions she displays – irritation at her mother for making her walk difficult, embarrassment at her public predicament, and an underlying fear for her mother’s well-being. The epilogue brings us full circle, as we suddenly realize we’ve been looking at the first day of a debilitating illness that would define both of their lives. 

Michelle, you also win a gift card and fancy badge. Email us for your loot.

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Weekend moonshine grid opens today at 6 p.m. eastern time!

moonshineYeah write is now open on the weekends—no editors, no voting, no writer’s block—just hanging out in the clearing among the trees and discarded moonshine jugs. Use this chance to show the yeah write community the other side  of your blog—your top 10 lists, your stream-of-consciousness posts, that hilarious text message exchange with your brother. No commercial or sponsored posts allowed, but this will be a good space for letting us all know when you have a cool blog event coming up.

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