We’ve got a bit of a challenge going and, if you’re just now joining us, you’re more than welcome to jump into the fray.

For this and the next three weeks, you can leave a comment asking to be entered into a random drawing for a new WordPress themes from Elegant Themes. We’ve had two winners already: Meg of Pressure Cooker and Miranda of Becoming My Ideal, both cooking blogs. That will make good use of the portfolio features found on many of the Elegant Themes templates. Simply leave me a comment on any of the yeah write #47 posts—Tuesday through Thursday—and you’re in. This challenge is in no way sponsored by Elegant Themes.

The yeah write superfecta challenge is explained in detail in this post. Over the next few weeks, your award-winning writing and storytelling can catapult you into either fortune and fame or into one of these four blog design elements:

  • a new WordPress theme installed and mildly tweaked by Erica
  • a new header [any platform] designed and installed by Q
  • an 8×10 print or digital photograph with custom elements by Flood
  • a complete review of your current blog with recommendations on how to improve your content, writing, search engine visibility and design by my Blogging Bash partner Alexis


If you’ve been with us this whole time, hey, thanks for sticking with it! The Google Docs spreadsheet Laverne at Kindred Adventures made specifically to save us all from mathin’ is public and available for you to download or review. And I wrote a results post for you yesterday; it’s right here.

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One other thing before you go: I’m being hosted today at perky girlfriend Greta’s blog Not Enough Patience. You know how guest blogging works? It’s like Wife Swap, but without the helpless and crying husbands. So to get my people over to Greta’s place, she and I are linking it on the yeah write grid. Will you guys pretend to be my people for the day and go say hi? I’ll remove the link late tomorrow in time for voting. Thanks.

Yeah write #47 is open.