So, You’re a Writer?

Earlier today, I was volunteering with some people from my Day Job. One of them, a woman I don’t have occasion to speak to very often said to me, “So, you’re a writer? Do you have a book or something?” Now, I do marketing, social media, and blog writing for this company, but my personal writing doesn’t come up much. I was caught a little off guard. I answered that I’m in the process of editing a book and I hope to be done with it soon. We chatted briefly about that, but I’ve been thinking about our conversation since.

I’m past the stage where I call myself “aspiring” or “wanna be” or whatever the cool kids are saying. Yet I still felt that little twinge when she asked if I had a book, as if that’s the only validation of being a writer. While I do have the book, it’s not done, not published. It’s nothing more than a large word doc hanging out on my laptop (and on three different thumb drives, just in case). It wasn’t until I got home, though, that I even let what she said hit me and cause any self-reflection. And as quickly as I thought of it, I let it go. I know who I am.

My point here is to tell you that you should know who you are, too. Not only should you know and not doubt it, but you don’t need to prove it, or do it a certain way, or anything like that. In fact, you never even need to talk about how much of a writer you are. You simply need to BE writing. Every time we stop to make sure we’re still writers, to write about writing, or anything of the sort, we play into this idea that we have to be doing anything but writing. Of course, this kickoff doesn’t count, even though it’s writing about writing and being okay with being a writer. It’s very meta. Do the cool kids still say “meta?” Did I even use it correctly?

Anyway, go write, okay?

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Rowan told us a secret about herself, kind of, in her essay Schadenfriends. The prompt taken from her work is: “I’ve peed on cars.”


April ‘Poetry’ Slam: Microprose

Charles Dickens was paid by the word, and it shows. I mean, if you’ve ever read Oliver Twist, we bet you found yourself wondering if all those words were really necessary to move the story forward. It’s a question we should all face every day while editing our own work, to be honest: why all these words? How can we tell our story without forcing the reader to slog through a whole bunch of extra text and without losing the essence or the voice? This month, instead of looking for ways to flesh out your writing, we’ll be talking about ways to trim it down – just in time for the first grid of our monthly microprose challenge! Learn more from Christine here.

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Michelle submitted her first entry to YeahWrite in March 2012 and they haven’t been able to get rid of her since. After nearly 20 years in the insurance/employee benefits industry, she decided to give it all up to pursue writing full time. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post and xoJane, as well as several local sites near her northern NJ home. She blogs at Michelle Longo.

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