I love fiction. Left to my own devices I’ll read and write it all day… unless someone’s left an Ann Rule book sitting out where I can see it. See, it’s not just that the true crime genre is fascinating in its sensationalist (and, okay, often problematic) way, it’s that I’m entranced by the process of editing reality to make stories. That same knack is what gets us from “I tripped on the porch today” to a cocktail party story involving three dogs, the mail, a full mug of coffee, and the first pair of white jeans we’ve owned since we were thirteen. Just me?

That knack is what YeahWrite tests in our nonfiction Super Challenges, and if that’s your jam, you’re in luck: Registration opens today for YeahWrite’s fifth Super Challenge. Check out the schedule and prompts and sign up here!

All of the editors at YeahWrite are writers too. That’s why when we sat down and started brainstorming ideas for how to run a writing competition that we’d be excited about paying to enter we ended up with three bullet points: cash prizes, great feedback, and getting that great feedback in time to learn from it.

Every writer in our Super Challenge gets substantive feedback on their work from every judge, before the next round of the competition starts. That means you’ll have a pretty good idea what you need to work on before going into the next round. It also means that nobody walks away with nothing. We know nothing’s worse as a writer than a blank rejection, a “your work didn’t make the cut” or “this isn’t a good fit for us” with no idea why.

As much as we do love feedback, we also love cash prizes. And writers. We love writers. So what better way to combine the two than to say more writers means more money? Once registration closes and we count up the entry fees, we split the pot: half of the fees we receive go directly into the prize pot. That means the more friends you convince to sign up with you, the bigger the prizes you could win!

What are you waiting for? Check out our prompts, schedule, and more at Super Challenge #5!

About the author:

Rowan submitted exactly one piece of microfiction to YeahWrite before being consumed by the editorial darkside. She spent some time working hard as our Submissions Editor before becoming YeahWrite’s Managing Editor in 2016. In real life she’s been at various times an attorney, aerialist, professional knitter, artist, graphic designer (yes, they’re different things), editor, secretary, tailor, and martial artist. It bothers her vaguely that the preceding list isn’t alphabetized, but the Oxford comma makes up for it. She lives in Portlandia with a menagerie which includes at least one other human. She blogs at textwall and CrossKnit.

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