“Be not afraid of greatness”

My head has been filled with nothing but Shakespeare for weeks now.

My literature class is studying Twelfth Night, and today we watched the film version of Shakespeare’s great gender-bending comedy. Of course the exquisite use of language draws me, but the complexity of the thematic emphases, plotting, and characterization are also alluring. No one painted the realm of humanity quite like Shakespeare, and no one wove a more beautifully tangled web of its mysteries. However, what fascinates me most about his work is the way it so readily lends itself to varying interpretations: different performances reveal otherwise hidden facets of the story and characters.

A large portion of my college studies were devoted to film adaptations of great works of literature, Shakespeare being no exception. Today, as we sat in the overheated classroom listening to Viola, Malvolio, Orsino and the gang, it struck me how much storytellers can learn from watching film adaptations. Approaching a subject from another angle can refresh what once seemed tired. Perhaps writing from another character’s perspective can lend new insight into a plot line you’ve grown bored with, or a new setting can revamp your style, or adding depth to a previously flat character can convince you to revisit a story you’d discarded. If Shakespeare taught us anything, it’s that there’s always a new way to tell an old story.

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