[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Just because.

Wow, I haven’t thought about that phrase in a while. As an adult and a grammarian it makes me cringe a little inside. As a child, it could mean anything, good or bad: Mom, why can’t I have any more pixie stix? Just because. Dad, why are we going fishing together today instead of you going to work? Just because.

Those two little words, summing up all the reasons for an action that are both too complicated and too simple to describe.

Why am I bringing this up now?

Well, I could tell you that it’s a good day for awards: this is the anniversary of the day the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inducted its first members. Or I could tell you that it’s Edouard Manet‘s birthday (not to be confused with Monet). Or even that it’s National Pie Day (again, not to be confused with National Pi Day, which is March 14). But really, if you ask why we’re giving a Random Penguins mug to the winner of the nonfiction grid today? It’s just because.

Also just because, the results of the popular votes on all three of our grids – nonfiction, fiction|poetry, and microfiction – are right here!

But it’s not all about the popular vote, folks. We also have our editorial staff picks to hand out, for reasons. Every week our editors comb through your submissions looking for their favorites. Picks are based on writing quality, how successful the author is in conveying information, and just plain style. If you got a staff pick this week, grab your badge from the sidebar and wear it with pride!

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If you want to know a little bit more about our writers and winners, next week marks the return of Who’s On Fourth. For this feature, Arden spoke with Lisa of cheapbohemian, who explained how lying through her teeth was essential to her development as a writer. Don’t miss it![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Yeah write #197 weekly writing challenge staff picks: nonfiction


the solitude of writing has rendered me unfit for public discourse by margaret corvid

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I’m not generally a fan of writing about writing, but sometimes it’s done in such a way that it just works. Margaret’s piece is just that and the reason is because it’s not actually about writing. It’s about what writing does to us and the effect the process has on us. Our writing is a part of us that we disconnect and set free into the world. When others have opinions about those pieces of ourselves, or worse yet when they are altered or devalued, that cuts deep. The weight of that is never more evident as it is in the last line of this piece.
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Yeah write #197 weekly writing challenge staff picks: fiction|poetry


bottom bitch by shannon

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On the surface, Shannon’s “Bottom Bitch” is a gritty snapshot capturing the darkness of addiction and prostitution. A deeper look reveals much more than that. The narrator, who is helping a woman through withdrawal, admits she is prepping the woman for life as a working girl, and hopes she will get the credit she deserves for turning this junkie whose “pretty little tits will fill and stand right back up” once she has “kicked like a big girl.” Shannon’s narrative voice doesn’t succumb to brutality, which makes the character three dimensional, maybe even tender. At the heart of the story is a sense of regret that is never fully owned: “My voice is softer than it usually is. In the dark I can be gentle and sweet.” This brittle, pained flash of fiction is unflinching in its detail and POV. I couldn’t look away.
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Yeah write #197 weekly writing challenge staff picks: microstories


everyone’s daughter by angie

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I actually visualize Angie’s poem as a gyroscope, with all the various layers of time and relationships spinning around a central point. She takes one single moment and stretches it across three generations. She takes an individual relationship – between herself and her daughter – and stretches it to include all of us, making it universal. All of these layers converge on her doorstep in that one moment of letting go. 
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