Family? What family?

We are knee-deep in a four-week stint of family-free here at yeah write. Last week, you brought us some wonderful pieces on a broad range of topics. We knew you could do it, so keep ’em coming! Pushing our writers to stretch their imaginations is the yeah write way. This week, as well as the next two, we want you to focus on themes you may not ordinarily find yourself publishing on your blog.

For clarity’s sake, we are defining family as anyone who is connected to you by blood, marriage, or other significant other type relationship. We’re drawing a firm line in that we don’t even want you to mention them in passing. I know, we’re sticklers. See where your mind takes you, though. Even if your first inclination is to start with an event in which family was involved, see if you can take it somewhere else. It may take more time, but it’ll be worth it.

Show us what you can do. Blow us away.

Focus for inspiration

When I was a kid, my mother loved old movies. She had a few favorites that she would watch any time they came on TV because this was the olden days, before Netflix, On Demand, or even the VCR. Some movies she loved so much, she would even watch them when the version that was on was narrated for the blind or the visually impaired. Over the regular soundtrack of the movie, a man would describe the action on the screen so someone who couldn’t see it would know if the characters were sitting or standing, rummaging through a cupboard, or what have you. I know they served a useful purpose for someone who couldn’t otherwise see the action, but as someone who could see, I found it distracting. 

Sometimes I feel like my life is being narrated in my head by that voice-over guy. As I go about my day, I often find myself mentally describing my activities as if I intended to write the scene. It’s in these mundane moments of internal narration that I find some great material, not necessarily because the way I fold laundry, for example, is so fascinating, but because I’m focused. I become acutely aware of things I say and do and how they may differ from what others say and do. Other times, it conjures a memory or leads me to wonder about the activity itself. 

This mental play-by-play is as distracting as those old movies, however, it serves a purpose because sometimes I otherwise might not see the action.

Kevin, Bob, and the invitational

Kevin stands out in a crowd with his fuchsia scarf effortlessly tossed across his shoulder and his top hat jauntily perched upon his head. Are you a kiwi? Will your post stand out in the crowd? Each week we’re under 30 posts on the grid, a randomly selected editor will choose her favorite post and award that post the week’s kiwi badge.

If we hit 30 entries, the invitational grid, which is exactly what it sounds like, will be unlocked. Editors will select the posts they feel most represent the yeah write way and move them to a special grid where they will compete for the jury prize. This honor has it’s own badge, too, so there’s always a chance for bling.

Bob loves the yeah write community spirit, and cheers on anyone who shows it on each post published to the challenge grid. Do you love to leave comments? Bob says go for it. Are you better at hitting the social media share buttons than you are at leaving comments? Bob says that’s awesome. Go for it. On voting day, do you campaign fairly for the best posts on the grid, feeling inspired by (instead of threatened by) your competition? Bob loves you so much, and will likely visit your blog’s sidebar, pom poms waving. Comment, share, like, vote fairly. Win your own Bob.

More entries means more votes

Regardless of the number of entries, we will host a popular vote where you’ll be able to select your favorites from the grid. The number of votes allotted is determined by the number of submissions on the grid:

  • 01-10 submissions: one vote
  • 11-20 submissions: two votes
  • 21-30 submissions: three votes
  • 31-40 submissions: four votes
  • 41-50 submissions: five votes

The more submissions, the more votes. Write a blurb beside your yeah write challenge button inviting your friends to join us. Send a personal email. Talk us up in your writing circles. Stumble over a blog post you think would be perfect for the challenge grid? Email us the link, and if it’s a good fit, we’ll add it ourselves.

Odds, ends, reminders

  • The badge you will need to add to your planned submission is over in the sidebar
  • This immediate past Sunday is the earliest your submission can be dated
  • Your post can be no longer than 600 words
  • Personal essays or traditional blog anecdotes only
  • There are no weekly prompts; the topic is yours. Be compelling
  • The grid is open from Tuesday at 12:01 a.m. to Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.
  • There is voting. Voting will take place Thursday from midnight to 10:00 p.m. US eastern
  • The challenge grid is limited to 50 bloggers
  • The winners’ post will be published by noon on Friday
  • No self-promotional posts are allowed on the yeah write grid, including those containing links to other blog events and Internet contests

Voting is open at the gargleblaster! If you have a chance, stop by, read all the 42-word entries, then vote on the best three of the gargleblaster grid. It’s yeah write’s newest challenge, and we’re quite proud of it.

Yeah write #159 traditional challenge grid is open right here…


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