No invitational this week but prizes so yay!

We came thisclose to opening the invitational grid this week with 26 entries and a ton of high quality posts. The good news? Well, in the words of yeah write regular and apparent stats queen Cynthia of that cynking feeling: “While it’s a bummer not to hit thirty entries, did you know that there are fourteen bloggers, including the three yeah write virgins, on the grid this week that didn’t link up last week? We may not all show up at once, but it’s cool to have such a diverse group here at yeah write.”

So true, Cyn. 

Let’s get to this week’s winner, shall we?

Crowd favorite

“trigger hippies” by Erica M on her personal blog

There’s a reason Erica is big cheese here at yeah write — she seemingly effortlessly dashes off posts like this week’s crowd favorite, trigger hippies. It’s a love story for our times—the commuter marriage by necessity. While the post is densely packed with Erica’s signature wit, the impact is much deeper. This is a true marriage of partners, working across time zones to raise a family and maintain a loving relationship despite the challenges of parenting, loneliness, and the full catastrophe of daily living. Congrats, Erica, for a post that made this reader laugh and cry. Bonus: adorable photos.

Prize winner and our top row five

Congratulations go out to all our writers rounding out the top row five: C.C., Jamie, Kristin, and Shreya. Go grab your top row five badges in the sidebar! And because Erica can’t win our prize for this week because, you know, SHE WORKS HERE AND STUFF, this week’s prize goes to our second place winner, C.C. of conscious cacophony for her poignant post The Reunion, a years-later meeting of first loves.

Congratulations C.C., you win a copy of the Saranac Review from long-time yeah writer Bill Dameron—one of our favorite people—which contains his first printed piece. Yay, Bill! Yay, C.C.! Email Erica M your snail mail info, and Bill will send you his very own copy of the journal.


Weekend moonshine grid opens today at 6 p.m. eastern time!


Did you know we have an awesome weekend link-up? Our laid back moonshine grid is now hosted by yeah writer Natalie DeYoung. It’s a low key way to share your work without the rules and requirements of the weekly challenge grid. Please, no commercial or sponsored posts. Make life easy for Natalie. Badge up and join us – the moonshine grid opens at 6 p.m. eastern time each Friday and will close by 12:01 a.m. each Monday.


The thumbnails are now sorted in the grid from most votes to the least. In the case of a tie, the thumbnails are additionally sorted by page views. Part of the top row five? Please grab a winners’ badge from the sidebar and display it proudly on your own blog. Congrats!

Do not be discouraged if your blog has landed near the bottom of the grid; especially if it was a tight race. The fun lies in getting better exposure for your blog and, in the spirit of competition, an incentive to improve your writing and blogging skills. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Thanks again, everybody, for submitting, for reading, for accepting the weekly writing challenge. And for making yeah write the most welcoming spot on the Interwebs for writers who blog and bloggers who write.

Don’t leave yet!

Please pop a comment below to congratulate our winners and give encouragement to all those who come out and support us all week after week. And c’mon back next week!