Let’s get this party started

The music’s playing, the lights are down, and the disco ball is just starting to spin. We’re about to start another week-long wordfest at yeah write! Get in the groove and start thinking about what to bring to the party. We’ve got party favors galore for those who impress.

Winners round-up

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of all the #180 winners. Take a few minutes to check out the best of all the grids right here, or take a look at last week’s winners post to hear more about the editors’ favorites.

Challenge grid



Congratulations to all! Don’t forget: the moonshine grid is still open. Have something to add? Old posts and new are welcome. Go add yours, and while you’re there, visit your fellow yeah writers.

Fall season writing contest coming October 19

What’s a party without prizes? Starting October 19, we will be hosting a four-week writing challenge on each grid: non-fiction, fiction|poetry and micro. The winner of the challenge can win $100 cash. If you invite a friend to the challenge and your friend wins instead of you? You each get the $100 cash: your friend for winning and you for referring the winner to yeah write.

Additional prizes are rolling in, so stay tuned for more. Spirits are generous around good writing. If you have any prizes you’d like to donate, please email us.

This week’s ultimate question: how much is Thursday?

Answer this question in exactly 42 words for the gargleblaster micro challenge, or use it to inspire your submission to the non-fiction challenge grid.

Submission guidelines

The yeah write challenge grids — non-fiction, fiction and micro — are moderated by the editors. Submissions which do not meet our guidelines will not be passed through to the voting grid. Though the focus of each challenge grid is different, there are a couple of things that we are looking for across the board: compelling stories with a strong “so what” that are free from grammatical errors and that demonstrate exceptional attention to structure and language. Posts must be written specifically for the challenge, and may not be dated earlier than today. Yeah write does not accept commercial and sponsored posts.

If you need a second pair of eyes to look your piece over, we encourage you to visit the yeah write coffeehouse to find a writing partner.

Challenge schedule

  • Sunday: New challenge week kicks off; moonshine grid open all day
  • Monday: Non-fiction challenge grid opens
  • Tuesday: Speakeasy fiction challenge grid opens (over at the speakeasy until October 14)
  • Wednesday: Gargleblaster micro challenge grid opens
  • Thursday: All grids close, and voting opens
  • Friday: Winners announced by noon, and the moonshine grid opens
  • Saturday: Moonshine grid open all day

Want to ask a question? Start a conversation? Brand new to yeah write and need some clarification? Discuss it on our social pages by clicking the icons below. The traditional non-fiction challenge grid opens Monday.

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