It’s the weekend, so the moonshine grid is open

I guess there’s something big on TV this week. Something about a football, men in lycra with lots of pads? Referees making hand signs I don’t understand, people in the audience with their faces painted? Football is not my thing. I don’t even know who’s playing. I could Google it, but I don’t care enough to break through the laziness. Other people tend to get excited about it, though. I’ll probably go to a friend’s house and watch the game (code for crochet a blanket while others watch the game), though I’d probably be more happy at home with a good book.

But hey!

Here’s a place where you can hang out if you want to escape the raunchy beer commercials and constant whistle blowing. Or just kick back and share some moonshine with us while you get your game on. We take all kinds of submissions. Posts of all word counts, from any date, on any topic. Basically anything you want to share is good to go. We only have one foul zone, and that is commercial or sponsored posts. Not allowed, dear friends, or we’ll issue a red card. Wait, wrong sport…

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