How to write

I recently took part in a conversation about how to write. Someone was feeling stuck and we were talking about how we get our mojo back when it goes on hiatus. Everyone seeks inspiration in different places and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. But we did all mention one thing we do to kickstart ourselves after a period of inactivity: sit down and write.

I know what you’re thinking and yup, that’s exactly what I’m saying. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck and the words won’t come, sit down and write. Remember that no one ever needs to see those words. Personally, I have tons of drafts that go nowhere, scraps of papers and notebooks filled with paragraphs and sentences that are, quite frankly, pure crap. They are half-baked ideas and sometimes single words that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Sometimes I’ll use those ideas to expand on later, but mostly they just sit there, proof that the line was clogged with so much gunk.

That’s my best piece of advice – just write. Let the ideas start to flow. It might still be a while before something good comes out, but that’s okay. You can’t write anything worth reading if you’re writing nothing at all.

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