Finding inspiration

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. The world is huge. There is inspiration coming in from every angle. Everything could be something to write about if I can find the story in it. Similarly, I know that the best way to improve my writing is to read as much as possible. But with books, blogs, social media shares of articles I’d otherwise not have on my radar, the list of things to read continues. And with an unfortunate amount of writing out there turning out to not be something helpful to my own personal writing, I don’t want to waste the time. I’m sure you’re in the same boat.

When I find a resource that seems to more often than not make something click for me, I like to share it. Such was the case with Marion Roach Smith’s website and newsletter. There’s a wealth of information about writing, specifically about writing memoir, that I find immensely helpful. Her latest post talks specifically about the onslaught of inspirational ideas. She has set up a pinterest page to organize topics for her readers and it looks like it’s going to be a great tool. Check it out when you have a little time. Maybe you’ll find something useful.

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Just the basics

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Today the grid opens for our nonfiction writing challenge. There is a limit of 500 words plus 100 words grace. The nonfiction challenge closes Wednesday at 9:59 p.m. US Eastern. Voting opens one hour later for both our readers and our editorial staff. On Friday, we will publish editorial picks and announce the popular vote winner.

The ultimate question: …?

Uh-oh. Where’s the ultimate question?

Our microstories challenge requires participants to answer the ultimate question in exactly 42 words. We’ve been presenting the UQ in our kickoff post, giving folks ample time to write a microstory and use the question as an optional prompt on the nonfiction and the fiction|poetry challenges. In celebration of the one year anniversary of the microstory challenge, we went old school: the question won’t be released until the grid opens on Wednesday at midnight EDT.

You can still use it as a prompt, you’re just going to have wait for it. Already have the perfect subject? Fantastic! Go for it.

The yeah write #207 weekly writing challenge is open for nonfiction: personal essays, creative opinion, mostly true stories based on actual events. You can check out the submission guidelines and join us with your essay using the link below.