Exploration is good for the soul

By show of hands, how many of us are suffering from general malaise that may or may not be related to winter doldrums, flu, and/or miscellaneous unpleasantness? For me, the cure for this seems to be having a project or twelve (I’m an over-achiever). I just wrapped up a big one and I’m about to jump into some new stuff while trying to make headway on yet another. It’s not all writing related, but all of it fuels my writing. The more I’m doing, the more ideas come to mind. Loafing on the couch bemoaning the weather doesn’t really stoke those creative fires, you know?

Looking for a way to beat the melancholy? Try something new. Maybe give a sonnet a shot in our fiction|poetry challenge since it’s the last week for that. Not ready for all that? Maybe just explore a new topic of nonfiction. Being open to new experiences and challenges can often be just the thing to spark an idea.

Who’s on fourth?

Since it’s the fourth Monday of the month, it’s time for another installment of our interview series. This month, Arden interviews Jennifer Knoblock of Grateful Press Poetry. The interview goes live at noon EST.

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Just the basics

Don’t skip over that link to yesterday’s kickoff post. There is valuable information in there!

Today the grid opens for our nonfiction writing challenge. There is a limit of 500 words plus 100 words grace. The nonfiction challenge closes Wednesday at 9:59 p.m. US Eastern. Voting opens one hour later for both our readers and our editorial staff. On Friday, we will publish editorial picks and announce the popular vote winner.

The ultimate question: who turned out the light?

Not sure what to write about? The ultimate question for this week’s microstories challenge is just the optional prompt you need. Use it or don’t, it’s your call.

The yeah write #202 weekly writing challenge is open for nonfiction: personal essays, creative opinion, mostly true stories based on actual events. You can check out the submission guidelines and join us with your essay using the link below.