The contest might have ended, but yeah write pushes on

Last week, we wrapped up our biggest writing contest yet. We were thrilled with the fantastic writing you all sent our way and we’re taking a bit of time to select the final ultimate winner. Until then, you can check out¬†all of the semi-finalists here.¬†Winners will be announced Sunday, December 14, at 6 p.m. EST.

Just because this is a prizeless week doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t submit your very best work to us. First, winners get badges and bragging rights and that’s not nothing. But more than that, participants get a sense of community unlike anywhere else. When your post doesn’t make the voting grid, you’ll receive valuable feedback from our submissions editor.

Even when we aren’t throwing cash around, there’s good stuff happening here. We look forward to reading what you have to share!

Is this your first time here?

Yesterday’s kickoff post tells you everything you need to know about all of yeah write. We tell you about the schedule, upcoming events and get you ready for the week ahead.

Have questions you can’t find the answer to by poking around the site? Email us or find us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll happily help you out.

Just the basics

Today the grid opens for our nonfiction writing challenge. There is a limit of 500 words plus 100 words grace. You must tell a compelling story. If we get bored or can’t figure out what’s going on, you’ll get a nicely detailed note from our submissions editor explaining where we fell off. You can rewrite it, rework it and workshop it. We’ll be happy to read it again in a few weeks.

The nonfiction challenge closes Wednesday at 9:59 p.m. US eastern. If your entry is accepted, our editors will move you over to the invitational grid open to voting both by our readers and our editorial staff. On Friday, we will publish editorial picks and announce the popular vote winner.

The ultimate question: what do we have to lose?

Most writers fall into two camps: those who love prompts and those who prefer not to use them. Here on the nonfiction grid, it’s the best of both worlds. Our microstory challenge features an ultimate question which must be answered in exactly 42 words. For your nonfiction entry, you may use the ultimate question as a jumping off point to spark your creativity. Whether you use the prompt or not is entirely up to you and how you use it is at your discretion as well. If you do use it, have fun with it!

The yeah write #191 weekly writing challenge is open for nonfiction: personal essays, creative opinion, mostly true stories based on actual events. You can check out the submission guidelines and join us with your essay using the link below.