Week two of the fall writing season at yeah write weekly writing challenge

Did you catch yesterday’s post filling you in on the schedule changes, moderation and our upcoming writing contest complete with cash prize? If not, you really should. In fact, make a note to check here each Sunday for the weekly kickoff post and be sure to sign up for our email blasts.

The funny thing about change is that I pretty much hate it. I could eat the same thing for lunch every single day, wear the same outfit and generally keep the same schedule, and I’d learn to love everything including the things I hate about it. Unfortunately, sticking to a routine with so much conviction can also push me into a rut. This is what we always do because this is what we’ve always done only works for so long.

And so here we are in week two of the yeah write reboot and I have to say, surprising even myself, I’m loving every minute of it. We hope you are, too. If you have any questions, you can email us or find us on Facebook or on Twitter and we’ll happily help you out.

If you’re ready to go, here are the basics: today the grid opens for our non-fiction writing challenge. There is a limit of 500 words plus 100 words grace. You must tell a compelling story. If we get bored or can’t figure out what’s going on, you’ll get a nicely detailed note from our submissions editor explaining where we fell off. You can rewrite it, rework it and workshop it. We’ll be happy to read it again in a few weeks.

The non-fiction challenge closes Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. US eastern. If your entry is accepted, our editors will move you over to the invitational grid open to voting both by our readers and our editorial staff. On Friday, we will publish editorial picks and announce the popular vote winner.

The ultimate question: what did she tell you?

This week’s ultimate question for the pangalactic gargleblaster doubles as the optional prompt for the non-fiction challenge. Whereas with the gargleblaster you must answer the question with your post, here we’d like you to use the question as a jumping off point. The question is meant to open doors in your mind and spark your creativity. If you want to write about something completely different or turn your nose up at our optional prompt, that’s cool, too. Tell us a good story and we won’t really care what it’s about.

The traditional challenge grid, now better described as the non-fiction challenge, opens today.

Fall season writing contest coming October 19

You know what motivates me more than cash? Almost nothing. So far we have $200 in prizes and we’re working hard to loosen up someone else’s wallet. Consider the weeks leading up to the contest as good practice to get the yeah write way down and then knock us dead with your winning essay. And don’t forget to invite your friends since you could win a prize if your referral wins the contest. It’s all about spreading the love around here!

The yeah write #180 weekly writing challenge is open for non-fiction: personal essays, creative opinion, mostly true stories based on actual events. Submit yours using the link below.