It’s the weekend and you know what that means!

The weekend moonshine grid at yeah write is open just for you. Bring us whatever you want — trolls, ponies, magic Coke bottles, whatever!  Well, as long as it’s not a commercial post or a commercially sponsored post.  The only thing we really want to buy is your awesome.  Psst… if you know of an even better idea than yeah write? Add it to the grid and we’ll pay it a visit and we’ll thank you for telling us about it.  No need to hide your mistress from us…

It’s unlimited entries

This is so much better than, say, unlimited birthday cake or unlimited margaritas.  Partaking of both of those in unlimited amounts will leave you with undesired effects.  But unlimited posts?  That’s a fantastic no-calorie, no-hangover way to celebrate a birthday weekend. It’s open until Monday at 11:59 pm. US eastern.

Special bonus!

For this week and this week only, we are celebrating Erica’s birthday with a gift for you!  We’re generous like that.  Our founder and fearless leader will be selecting a winner from the grid below and that random winner will receive The Best American Essays 2012.  No strings attached.  Although we’d love for you to share your glory with a friend or two to encourage them to come out of hiding and join us for our upcoming soiree.  More details on our 100th grid and on our upcoming yeah write birthday are coming soon.  Very, very soon.

Thanks for hanging out with us!

We know you have many other choices out there on the world wide web, and we appreciate your spending time with us whether here on the moonshine or during the week on the challenge grid or at the speakeasy. Thanks for making us the best place on the web for writers who blog and bloggers who write.

Yeah write #99 moonshine grid is open…