It’s the weekend, so the moonshine grid is open

Welcome to the place in yeah write country where we boogie down and drink some strong stuff. Bring your ten gallon hat and cowboy boots because it’s line dancing and bingo weekend over here at the moonshine. Actually, despite anything Cindy R may have said, I was not the one who suggested the line dancing and bingo theme; she insisted we play because she’s been on a winning streak lately. Are you ready? I’ll start the music.

Grab a glass of moonshine

So here at the moonshine, we just relax. After a week of challenges, rules, word counts and prompts, us yeah write folks just need a break. So bring us your posts, any posts – we don’t have rules here. Bring us your list of favorite cheese platter varieties, your cartoon version of War and Peace, your video of your spoken-word performance from last year. We can take any kind of post except for commercial or sponsored posts.

This is the badge you are looking for.

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Under the badge is a few lines of code. Copy that exactly then paste it into the “text” or HTML view of your post editor. If you don’t copy it exactly, you will get an error message from the Inlinkz app. If you get confused or your browser is uncooperative, visit the Inlinkz step-by-step instructions here. If all else fails, contact Inlinkz customer support.