It’s the weekend, so the moonshine grid is open

Holy mother of guacamole, it’s the New Year already. How many of us have not made resolutions? Or perhaps haven’t chosen a “theme word” for the year? I am raising my hand in solidarity. Resolutions generally don’t keep in my house, and “theme words” are never decided on until the year is over and I can look back and say, “Wow, that year was really barfy.” Or similar. And magically, that becomes my word for the year, and I move on to the next impending crisis. I mean, year.

Welcome 2014! Moonshine refreshers available

So, are you already tired of being back at work? Ready for the kids to go back to school already? Just need a break? Then you’ve come to the right place, young padawan. The moonshine grid is where we hide away from stringent expectations and link up our free and easy blog posts. No word count, no topic, no expected style guidelines, no age restrictions – just pure blogging link up with a side of moonshine. Only please, no commercial or sponsored posts. We keep it real here, complete with backyard still.

This is the badge you are looking for.

Over in the right sidebar is a list of yeah write badges containing the codes you need to satisfy the backlink requirement (also called a permalink) of the Inlinkz app. The badge for the moonshine looks like this:


Under the badge is a few lines of code. Copy that exactly then paste it into the “text” or HTML view of your post editor. If you don’t copy it exactly, you will get an error message from the Inlinkz app. If you get confused or your browser is uncooperative, visit the Inlinkz step-by-step instructions here. If all else fails, contact Inlinkz customer support.