It’s the weekend, so the moonshine grid is open.

If you’re reading this, it means it is at least Friday, July 26, 2013, 6:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  I’ve written this post long ago and, through the miracle of modern technology, I have made it available to you only now.  How is the future?  Is it wonderful? Do you have flying cars?

Actually, when you’re reading this, I’ll be just about wrapping up a family vacation.  Back when I first started hosting the moonshine grid I was taught how to schedule posts. Then I said hilarious things like, “I’ll write them early!” and, “I won’t wait until the last minute!”  So this new-found skill of mine has finally come in handy since it’s the night before begin our family vacation as I write this.  But I’m getting my post done like a good little egg and I’m giving myself a gold star.

Isn’t this supposed to be about the moonshine grid?

Right. Let’s get to it then.

The weekend moonshine grid is the laid back portion of yeah write. Here (almost) anything goes, so write however you please, with as many or as few words as you like, on the topic of your choosing.  There’s just one rule, and that is we kindly ask that you do not link up your commercial or commercially sponsored posts.  But aside of that, have at it.

This is like your traditional link up, so do so, then spread the word.  Show your fellow bloggers some love and tell your friends to come join us.  The weekend is for partying, and yeah write has the best party on the internet.

This is the badge you are looking for.

Over in the right sidebar is a list of yeah write badges containing the codes you need to satisfy the backlink requirement (also called a permalink) of the Inlinkz app. The badge for the moonshine looks like this:


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The weekend moonshine grid is open