Greetings, Earthlings!

Did you know that the UK has a National Flash Fiction Day? Neither did I, but I came across a reference to it while looking for tips on micro-writing. Published in The Guardian in 2012, this article by David Gaffney is geared towards writing fiction, but his suggestions carry over to any genre. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments of this post. By the way, the next National Flash Fiction Day is scheduled for June 21, and now that we know about it, you can bet we’ll be looking for ways to celebrate.

The Ultimate Question

For this week’s Ultimate Question, we’re taking a page from yeah write guest editor Eric Stipple’s book Broken Magic. Page 42, to be exact. This week’s question is:

Do you see her much?

Recipe for a proper gargleblaster

  • Entries must be 42 words exactly. We count. (Tip: don’t trust your word processor – use your eyes!)
  • Non-fiction, fiction, and poetry are all welcome.
  • Let your post speak for itself. If it needs an explanation, it’s not really 42 words, now is it?
  • Link to the individual blog post, not your main blog page.
  • Include the gargleblaster badge and accompanying backlink. Scroll down to get this week’s badge.
  • One post per person, please, and no cross-posting to other link-ups. We want you all to ourselves!

Any submission deemed not to meet the guidelines will be removed from the grid and the author will be notified. Read the gargleblaster FAQ for all the details.

Remember: the grid is limited to 42 (of course!) submissions. If you miss the grid, don’t panic! Leave your link in the comments of the voting post, or better yet, save it for the weekend moonshine grid. You won’t be eligible to win the challenge, but you’ll still get folks visiting and reading your story.

Get your badge here


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Copy the above code and paste it into the text or html view of your post. Remember, the grid closes on Tuesday at 10:00 PM Eastern or when we hit 42 entries, whichever comes first! If you don’t see an “Add your link” button, then the grid is closed.

What now?

You’ve posted your gargleblaster. You remembered the badge. You linked it up. Next step? Read, comment, share the love. Voting opens on Wednesday!

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