Challenge yourself!

Do you write flash fiction or short stories? Do you yearn for constructive feedback? Do you love prizes? If you answered yes to any of the above, I can guarantee that we’ve got exactly the right challenge for you. Registration for the yeah write super challenge is open, this time with 100% more fiction!

Our nonfiction super challenge was a huge success. (Check out some of our amazing entries for yourself.) But this time around, we want to give fiction a chance. Read up on the guidelines and rules, and register soon – the early-bird rate of $20 expires on October 1.

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If you have a story to share this week, be sure to read the submission guidelines before you press post. Have a favorite yeah writer or two? Why not ask them to be your writing partner? Everyone needs another set of eyes to point out the typos, content errors, and ungainly phraseologies in our posts. Stop by the coffeehouse and meet some of the people behind the words!

Prompt up!

Prompt up is our optional weekly writing prompt for the fiction|poetry challenge! Here’s how it works: we choose a sentence prompt from last week’s winning nonfiction post and announce it in the kickoff. It’s your job to use that prompt in your poem or story and then run with it. The prompt is just a springboard, though: feel free to use it as your first sentence, move it, change it, or float down it to other territories.

Nate told us two stories this week linked by being called one epithet in Shoes, or What Not To Do When People Call You Names. This week’s prompt up taken from his story is: The moment with the tall man on the bus happened in a flash.

Nonfiction know-how and poetry slam are back!

This month, Rowan offers up some advice on how to know when enough is enough in your writing, and let’s stretch our rhyming and scansion muscles with a short form of poetry called the triolet.

Yeah write #283 fiction|poetry writing challenge is open for submissions!

Basic yeah write guidelines: 750 word limit; your entry can be dated no earlier than this past Sunday; fiction or poetry only.

How to submit and fully participate in the challenge:

  1. In the sidebar of this week’s post, please grab the code beneath the challenge grid badge and paste it into the HTML view of your entry
  2. Follow the InLinkz instructions after clicking “add your link” to upload your entry to this week’s challenge grid
  3. Your entry should appear immediately on the grid if you don’t receive an error message
  4. Please make the rounds to read all the entries in this week’s challenge
  5. Consider turning off moderated comments and CAPTCHA on your own blog

Submissions for this week’s challenges will close on Wednesday at 10pm ET. Voting will then open immediately thereafter and close on Thursday at 10pm ET. The winners, as always, will be celebrated on Friday.

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