Maybe it’s because of the recent green holiday, but this picture reminds me so much of my time studying in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. More specifically, it reminds me of the days my classmates and I would hop aboard a bus on the weekend and travel to another part of the country where we’d inevitably spot an ice cream scoop of an island like this one being coy out in the water. I miss those days of spontaneous ceilidhs in pubs and bus drivers too into the story they’re telling to pay attention to the road. I lived for the unplanned time between college courses when I knew I would be meeting adventure.

Twenty years later, on the other hand, I enjoy the structure in my days. I like going to bed at the same time every night and feeling refreshed when I wake up. I look forward to playing with my kitty every day when I get home from work. He runs up on the bed to wait for me when he hears my key in the door. And I enjoy pressing the reset button on my day by writing (almost) every night. It allows me to revisit my day, or invent an entirely new day, or, as was the case last night, go back to the pubs of County Clare.

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Prompt up!

Prompt up is our optional weekly writing prompt for the fiction|poetry challenge! Here’s how it works: we choose a sentence prompt from last week’s winning nonfiction post and announce it in the kickoff. The prompt is just a springboard, though: feel free to use it as your first sentence, move it, change it, or float down it to other territories.

Meg wowed us with her essay on grief, You Were Once Wild Here. This week’s Prompt Up is: I was awake when my heart stopped.

March poetry slam: haiku

Haiku is not just about counting syllables, and it’s much, much more than 5-7-5. Rowan will teach you to pack this tiny poem with enough imagery and emotion to sustain your soul for days.

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