With my freeze ray I will STOP

…the world. Those lyrics from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog have been stuck in my brain for a week. They took up residency there as I was making my Dr. Horrible freeze ray for my Halloween costume. Hallween was a very rainy night here in Chicago so the impact of my awesome costume was marred a bit by a bright red umbrella. Still, it was fun to roam the streets with all the other villains. But a strange thing happened.

I found myself doing things in that costume I would never do without it. I stared longingly into laundromats, I sneered at the superheroes I passed by, and when I was singing on the El it sure felt like I was hitting the high notes just as well as Neil Patrick Harris. I was eager for attention.

When I got home, I wrote down three ideas for a character sort of like Dr. Horrible. Wearing that costume allowed me to open some doors in my personality that are usually barricaded. Maybe I’ll keep my costumes near my writing desk so I can access those gateways into different people.

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