Happy Hobbit Day!

As far as I know, there is no deeper meaning to be found in the coincidence of the fiction|poetry challenge’s first day back in moderation happening on Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ shared birthday. But if I were to put meaning into it I would say:

Let’s feast!

Bilbo and Frodo will no doubt be feasting and drinking with their hairy toes uncovered, watching fireworks as shiny as the ring one of them is hiding in a trouser pocket. (Funny enough being barefoot, watching a fireworks display and hiding rings are all a part of my pre-writing routine.) They will be challenging each other to mead drink-offs and jig dances. Moderation is kinda like that.

As a receiver of several love letters myself, I know the possibility of receiving criticism can be intimidating, but the feedback I received challenged me. It forced me to look at my writing from the perspective of an editor and a reader and I am a better writer for it. I started fighting that “Love At First Write” feeling I always get after my first draft, before I realize the large gap between the eloquent words I thought I wrote and what is actually on the paper. Now I hold my words back, I tweak them and reread them until I find myself savoring them. Then I ship them out into the blogosphere for others to enjoy. We will all feast on everyone’s absolute best writing!

If you’re still nervous after that pep talk, I can tell you that step one in submitting with confidence is reviewing yeah write’s submission guidelines.

Meet our members

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How long has it been?

The optional prompt above can serve as inspiration for your fiction or poetry. Use the question word for word in your story or poem, or just answer it. The answer can be the number of weeks it took the Fellowship to travel to the Eye of Sauron or the number of seconds it took Golem to decide to deceive Bilbo. Already have a different story thought up? No problem! Use the prompt only if you need it.

More inspiration

Need a bit more? For this month’s focus on fiction, we are embarking on the hero’s journey with the monomyth. In the poetry corner we’ll be exploring the Japanese art of tanka.

Still drawing a blank? You can also find writing exercises in the coffeehouse to get things started. You’ll notice we moved it to a Facebook group: much easier access and interact!

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Yeah write #232 fiction|poetry writing challenge is open for submissions!

The yeah write #232 weekly writing challenge is now open for fiction and poetry submissions. You can check out the submission guidelines and join us with your essay using the link below.