Letting in summer

My city bursts open at the seams during Memorial Day weekend. Neighborhood street fairs, farmer’s markets, and outdoor concert venues pop up in parks like daisies. You can sit on a park bench and watch all of us Midwesterners shuffle out of our buildings, squinting into the warmth of the sun. It’s been a long winter; but we say that every year.

Around noon today, I opened the windows. My cats perched on the sills, one by one, transfixed at all the new smells I’d introduced into their domain. Soon after, the apartment was overtaken with smoke from all the barbecues being lit in the courtyard below. The sounds of the Artisanal Beer Festival in the park down the street mixed with the banter of my neighbors congregating to eat their grilled chicken and brats. It was a nice and easy afternoon.

We’re taking it nice and easy around these parts, too.  We’ve sent moderation off to a tropical paradise. That’s right. The fiction|poetry grid is unmoderated this week. But we still want to see your best work.

Here’s a prompt to get you started:

Where are the cats?

This optional prompt is to serve as inspiration for your fiction or poetry. Use the question, word for word, in your story or poem, or just answer the question. Tell us your cat story: everyone has one. Already have a different story thought up? No problem! The prompt is only there if you need it.

Need a push?

For those looking to challenge themselves further, we’ve got many options to choose from. Those who practice fiction can take a stab at romance, this month’s focus on fiction genre. If you prefer your words to have feet and meter, then blank verse is this month’s poetry slam form. Writers who want another set of eyes to look over their work before submitting can ask around in the coffeehouse.

Want more info?

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The fiction|poetry challenge is open for submissions!

Basic yeah write guidelines: 750 word limit; your entry can be dated no earlier than this past Sunday; fiction or poetry only.
How to submit and fully participate in the challenge:
  1. In the sidebar of this week’s post, please grab the code beneath the fiction/poetry grid badge and paste it into the HTML view of your entry
  2. Follow the Inlinkz instructions after clicking “add your link” to upload your entry to this week’s challenge grid
  3. Your entry should appear immediately on the grid if you don’t receive an error message
  4. Please make the rounds to read all the entries in this week’s challenge
  5. Consider turning off moderated comments and CAPTCHA on your own blog

This week is unmoderated so all submissions meeting the basic guidelines wll be published Thursday on yeah write. Those entries will be open to a popular vote with the winner celebrated on Friday.

Thank you for sharing with us your hard work! Good luck in the challenge…


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