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To sonnet or not to sonnet…

I have to admit, my attempts at writing a sonnet have led me to hero-worship Fezzik, the rhyming giant in the Princess Bride. Rhyming is work. Poetry is work. Patricia Lockwood wrote about the work of poetry over at Harriet, the Poetry Foundation’s blog.  (I know this only because I Googled “poetry is work.”) Lockwood asked how much a poet should produce and answered herself, poetically tongue-in-cheek, thus:  “As much as one half-assed garden, planted by a person with a drinking problem, who did not read the directions on the seed-packets very closely.”

You may have heard that yeah write is celebrating the sonnet this month – most especially, this week (psst…Valentine’s Day is coming). Want to know more? Check out the coffeehouse and look for the February Poetry Slam thread.  Not a sonnet lover? We still love you–we’re accepting all forms of fiction and poetry, as long as they pass muster with the yeah write guidelines.

Love is in the air! Need a little inspiration to get writing this week? Look no farther than our optional prompt:

Who do you love?

Use the question to get writing — do you love the mailman, Doctor Who, Romeo or Juliet? Can you count the ways?  If you’ve already got a story or poem in mind, no worries. The prompt is offered if you need it but it isn’t required.

How yeah write works

We’ve got three competitive challenge grids — nonfiction, fiction|poetry and microstories. They are all moderated. Submissions which do not meet our editorial guidelines will not be passed through to the voting grid.

You can learn more about yeah write in our FAQ.

Want more info?

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