Find truth in the lie

Lisa from cheapbohemian talks with yeah write’s Arden Ruth this week over at who’s on fourth. From the get-go Lisa confesses that her love for telling lies as a child probably led to her love for writing. While she writes more nonfiction these days, her thoughts on exploring tiny details to uncover universal truths are equally relevant to fiction and poetry.  Here’s some wise writing advice:

Focus on the miniature: what makes each experience tellingly unique yet universal is often the very small thing we think has just happened to us alone: that weird thing you remembered when you were slicing an orange, or the smell of your best friend’s house when you were a kid, or the fact that your first kiss was really, really awful. You should always look for the moments that leave you feeling most alone in this life, I think, too–those are the moments that actually bond us all. There is a great line in one of Erica’s short stories (repeated for effect): ‘Fuck hanging on. Fuck hanging on.’ That’s a deep, confessional moment, yet a tiny one. It’s a ‘I thought I was the only one’ line.

Sharing these experiences, especially when experienced separately, keeps readers engaged.  Read more of Arden’s interview with Lisa here.

Looking for some more inspiration to get you started this week?  We’ve got your ultimate question right here:

Whose house is this?

Use the question as a prompt for your fiction or poetry. Explore the question broadly: What is a house? Who lives in it? Who owns it? How was it built? What holds it together? If you’ve already got a story or poem in mind, no worries. The prompt is offered if you need it but it isn’t required.

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