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Every year, in celebration of Halloween, I pick up a scary book to read. Sometimes it’s a reread of a classic (The Exorcist was a book before it was a movie, FYI), or sometimes it’s a new selection like Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone (which is guaranteed to give you nightmares for the rest of your life). After reading these, I get all kinds of ideas for stories about hauntings, murder and mayhem, filling up the darker of my mental filing cabinets. See, what you read affects what you write, so the question is, what do you want to write about? Read more of it. It will help fill your inspirational coffers with ideas galore.

The other question, of course, is that of our optional prompt:

What went bump?

This optional prompt is to serve as your inspiration for your fiction or poetry. Use the question, word for word, in your story or poem, or just answer the question. Is it a scary bump? A friendly bump? Was it at night? During yoga class? Take it and go somewhere unusual. Already have your own story thought up? No problem! The prompt is only there if you need it.

Fall writing contest starts November 2

One of the ways we’re celebrating the revamped yeah write is through our November writing contest, so start flexing those creative muscles. We have cash and prizes for the three best in the competition as well as matching prizes for those who refer the winners to us. Make sure you spread the word!

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The fiction|poetry challenge is open for submissions!

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