Welcome to yeah write #92. If this is your first time on the site, please feel free to look around, click some links, get a feel for how things work about here. If it seems like a good fit, dive in and join us on a grid. If you can tell a good story, we’d love to have you.

The speakeasy

The speakeasy works off an opening sentence prompt and an influencing photograph. If fiction or poetry is your thing, you should check it out. This week, there’s a chance to earn a $25 Amazon gift card. And, if you bring someone new to the speakeasy, Flood will create a custom photo for your blog. Don’t miss out.

Original challenge grid

It’s back! Completely open, unlimited space, popular voting. Submission guidelines and FAQ are still enforced, so review them before submitting your post. Please take the time to visit the other blogs on the grid so you can vote responsibly on Thursday. Read first, then vote. It’s the American way. 

If reading 40-50 blogs so you can vote fairly is too heavy of an expectation, this is not your week to be on the grid. And that’s okay. We’ll be glad to have you during a less busy, more Golden Oreos-centered time of the month. For those of you who are reading and voting without submitting, we love you so much. Yeah write lurkers are sexy.

Invitational grid

With the open grid returning, the yeah write editors are introducing the yeah write invitational grid. We will read the submissions on the challenge grid then select the ones we like the most and copy them to the invitational grid. While surfing the world wide web, if we run across a blog post we really really like, we may add it even if the writer has never heard of yeah write or the challenge grid. It’ll be random, and something our readers will enjoy.

A few other details:


  • If selected for the invitational grid from the challenge grid, the post will stay on the challenge grid to take part in the fun of the popular vote
  • The invitational grid won’t be made public until the popular vote opens on Thursdays
  • The vote on the invitational grid will be editors-only
  • The jury prize winner will be determined from the invitational grid as all the editors choose one favorite
  • The challenge grid will continue to produce the weekly crowd favorite and the top row five
  • The challenge grid crowd favorite and top row five will be determined by popular vote
  • The individual editor picks are no more


Yeah write #92 weekly writing challenge is open. Bring us your best stuff if you know it’s gonna be the best on the grid.