Badges are ready which means today is the earliest your yeah write #92 weekly writing challenge grid posts can be dated.

The grids open Tuesday—personal essays and traditional blog anecdotes here at yeah write, fiction and poetry over at the speakeasy. If the speakeasy gets at least 10 submissions, the participants will be eligible to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Bring a yeah write virgin to the speakeasy, and Flood will donate custom photography for your blog.

If you have any questions, there’s a list of helpful links in the sidebar under “quick links” including the editors’ email address. 

The process of open submissions has permanently returned to yeah write. There is no longer a moderation queue, but all submission guidelines and FAQ still apply. We’re totally not trying to harsh your writing vibe. You can write want you want as long as it has a tightly written introduction, a clearly defined story line, and doesn’t try to sell us something or bore us to death. We are all getting older; why we should care it’s happening to you? Writing well about everyday life is the challenge of the challenge grid.

Three quick tips for becoming a better writer:

Read books

Read more books

Take a long break from reading blogs of people who don’t read any books

Other steps are a bit more involved, but those three will get you started. Writing for an audience is a tough job when the audience is more than that homeless guy reading your blog over your shoulder on the Metro. Even with a graduate degree in Slavic cultures and  literature, he’s probably more than happy to read your six-part childbirth story if it’s keeping him out of the freezing rain. With the grids being open once again, we gotta say it again: every week may not be your week. Bring us your best stuff when you know it’s gonna be the best on the grid. Badges are in the sidebar.

Read well, write well, rewrite often. Yeah write #92 weekly writing challenge grid opens Tuesday…