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yeah write #307 weekly writing challenge kickoff

yeah write #307 weekly writing challenge kickoff

Little Voices

Do you have a little voice inside your head? I do. The one I hear the most is the one that tends to give me a hard time, trying to instill doubt at every turn. What’s worse, I think, is that every time something is working against me or I mess something up, that voice is right there with a, “See, I told you so!” That voice will look for anything, ANYTHING, to validate it.

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an announcement from yeah write

Like many of you, the editorial staff has been watching with horror the events that have been unfolding in the United States. We stand in strong opposition to the immigration ban and we support the Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and the press as they are the cornerstones of our work as writers and storytellers.

We strive to be an inclusive community. Our community has worldwide roots. Our policy has always been to respect the diversity and dignity of our audience and we will never go back on that.

In light of these recent disturbing events, yeah write will be donating 20% of the proceeds from our current nonfiction super challenge to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

We encourage all of you to act out in your own way, however you can. Support activists. Be an activist. Keep using your voice to amplify the voices of others who may not be heard. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some organizations doing good work. There are many others. Look for the helpers. Be a helper.

American Civil Liberties Union (

Council on American-Islamic Relations (

Medicins Sans Frontieres (

Southern Poverty Law Center (

National Immigration Law Center (

International Refugee Assistance Project (


In solidarity with our community,

Michelle, Stacie, Rowan, Arden, Asha, Christine, Cindy, Jenny, Natalie, and Nathan


yeah write #303 weekly writing challenge kickoff

yeah write #303 weekly writing challenge kickoff

When you can’t make art

This has been a difficult time for many. I find that artists, regardless of the medium they choose, are people who feel things deeply. While this may help fuel their creativity, it can also cause them to be drained and emotionally fatigued. Does this sound like you?

When it all gets to be too much, many of us retreat. Some of us may feel like stepping away from creating is like a failure, but I’m going to suggest something different. Taking time for self-care and to recharge your spirit is essential. When you can’t create, I suggest consuming art. Hit the museum or the library. Visit your local comic shop. If the weather is agreeable, get out for a hike and take in the beauty that nature has created for you. And when that’s all still too much, go to a movie.* Binge Netflix.** Because when you consume what others have made, it can fill you with the energy and inspiration you need to carry on.

*This is also a good excuse for popcorn
**Basically all the snacks.

And if your wallet allows, support your local artists. Watch an independent film or a web series. Buy from local stores. Throw some cash at these creators if you can. Soon enough, you’ll be making your art again.

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