Open submissions

For those of you spending time with your families and friends today, we thank you for taking the time to spend a few minutes with yeah write.

For those of you just kind of hanging out by yourselves looking for community spirit on the Web here and in other spaces, you’re our kind of people. Kick back in your jammies, order some Chinese food and enjoy whatever may appear on the grid.

Happy new year!

Open voting

On Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST [- 5 GMT], the grid will close to submissions and open for voting. Return to this post to vote: there will be no formal post announcement about it and no mailer. Click the yellow star beneath each thumbnail of your five favorite posts and the votes will register for each one. The page will refresh after each yellow star click and you’ll have to make your way back down to the grid to vote again and so it will go until all five votes are used. After that, the current vote tally for each will show beneath the thumbnails. Winner will be announced in a short post on Friday.

Open everything

Be good. Be safe. Enjoy your time with those on the grid this week. Yeah write #90 weekly writing challenge is open…