Challenge grid winner

Congrats, Kathleen of Michigan Left for winning this week’s crowd favorite!

Here is your badge, Kathleen. The yeah write editors thank you for being such a faithful part of yeah write and we hope to see you back on the grid next week.

yeah write #85 weekly writing challenge crowd favorite

NaBloPoMo winners

Did you make it all the way through our November NaBloPoMo without missing a day for 30 days (including later today)? Then you are a NaBloPoMo winner, and I made a winner’s badge just for you.  Grab the coded version from the sidebar and display it proudly on your kickass blog. We are proud of you and wouldn’t blame you one bit if you never blogged again a day in your life. Until next year when we will host BlogHer’s yeah write NaBloPoMo 2013. See you then!


The yeah write #85 weekly challenge grid thumbnails are now sorted in the grid from most votes to the least. 

In the case of a tie, the thumbnails are additionally sorted by page views. Do not be discouraged if your blog has landed near the bottom of the grid. The fun lies in getting better exposure for your blog and in the spirit of competition as incentive to improve your writing and blogging skills. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Thanks again, everybody, for linking up, for reading, for accepting the weekly challenge. And for making yeah write the most welcoming spot on the Interwebs for writers who blog and bloggers who write.

Yeah write #86 opens Tuesday. Bring your best stuff. Until then, please stop by Flood’s speakeasy for even more posts to read and enjoy.



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