I love it when I can repeat the post from the week before, so I am going to do just that. Not out of the pandemic laziness of Obama’s 47%, but out of last week’s post being written so darn well. 


You’ll need to badge your post before submitting it to the Inlinkz app. Look in the sidebar for the graphic with the “September is family-free month” arc above it. Copy the code, paste it into the post you’re planning to link today in the HTML view of your post, come back here and click the little blue button beneath the array of grid thumbnails. Follow the Inlinkz instructions from there.


We do moderate submissions here at yeah write. If you have any questions for our submissions editor, please email her at flood@yeahwrite.me. If you’re good with everything, please wait patiently while your submission is in the moderation queue. Flood has, like, five children and sometimes steps away from the queue for lunch and other errands. While you wait, feel free to read the submissions already on the grid. Say hi in comments.

Don’t feel like waiting? The speakeasy is open just for you. Submit your post and—voilà—you’re a published writer. There’s no voting over at the speakeasy and you only have to visit as many other blogs as you’d like to have visit yours. Miles Davis is performing Kind of Blue in its entirety starting at 8 p.m. on center stage. Don’t miss out.


[image width=”250″ height=”240″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” caption=”” title=””]https://yeahwrite.me/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/karma75.png[/image]

Comment karma is back. For those of you who are relatively new to yeah write (or brand new—hi there), comment karma is a weekly badge yeah write awards to those who manage to leave relevant comments on all the published blogs. Back when we would fill the grid with 50, it was a mammoth task, and one that came with a fistful of triumph. These days, you can leave comments on our average of 25 blogs or so with one hand gripping the last strip of bacon behind your back. Go forth and earn that badge. You’ll have fun and make someone’s day at the same time. 

Not on the grid this week? You can still earn comment karma. Read, read, read some more and leave thoughtful thoughts on each post and I’ll make you a badge.


September is still family-free month. Please tell us a compelling story about anyone, anything other than your family, immediate, extended or otherwise. Not only will leaving your people at the altar help you grow as a writer, we’ll no longer get that glassy-eyed look we’ve had for the past 18 months reading about them. Seriously, no one cares unless, say, your uncle Joe died and came back to life and now that we think about it, that would be his story to tell, not yours. We’d love for Uncle Joe to join us on the grid.


Do you need prompts to get your mojo going? There are three optional ones in Sunday’s post. Remember, we are sharing personal stories and personal essays on the challenge grid. Got a provocative opinion editorial piece dying for an attentive audience? Please submit it to the speakeasy. After his six-hour set, Miles Davis would love to hear about Obama’s deadbeat voters and whatnot. Miles may be a little high, but he’s totally listening.

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